Dental Implants

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“After not seeing a dentist for more than 10 years, I was very apprehensive about how much work I was going to need, being scolded and how much it was going to cost. I started seeing New Era Dental 10 years ago, and they have made it so comfortable for me that I never miss my appointments. They take into consideration my needs and wants versus what they say I should do. The staff is very inviting. No work is done before they go over the costs of treatment with me; this is done at every appointment. They use the latest and greatest technology. I have a beautiful smile now. Before, I covered my mouth with my hand when I smiled. I have to thank the dentist at New Era Dental for all his hard work and the time he spends with me.” Aron

Just because you lose a tooth doesn’t mean you’re doomed forever to an embarrassing smile or difficulty chewing. Dental implants are a practical and permanent solution that our team can provide by surgically placing an anchor for a replacement tooth.

At New Era Dental, we can use dental implants to replace a single tooth or even every tooth in your mouth! Here are just some of the dental implant restoration options we offer:

  • Dental crowns – A crown can be created to fit perfectly on your dental implant and blend in naturally with the rest of your smile.
  • Dental bridges – If you need to replace multiple adjacent teeth, we can provide a fixed dental bridge without having to modify your surrounding teeth.
  • Implant dentures – We offer both implant-retained and implant-supported dentures so you won’t have to worry about your teeth coming loose.

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