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Patient testimonial on Dr. Tom Niemi

Patient testimonial on Dr. Tom Niemi

"I recently came to New Era Dental for the first time. I had called a lot of dental offices and then when calling New Era Dental the girl who answered the phone was very pleasant sounding and made me feel taken care of. She was very quick to my needs and got me in that same day for an appointment. I was in a little pain mind you.

" I met the girls at the front and they were very welcoming and polite. Dr. Niemi was a very nice man he did not judge the amount of time I hadn’t been to the dentist.

"He was happy and passionate in helping me that same day to get me out of pain, and that’s what he did. The next day one of the girls called me to make sure I was doing ok after the appointment the previous day. It was so refreshing to go somewhere and have someone take the time to help me without rushing things and doing the job half done. I feel great about New Era Dental and will go nowhere else from now on for my dental care.

"Thank You, Dr. Niemi and staff!"

- Everitt

Patient testimonial on Dr. Tom Niemi

TMJ Treatment

TMJ Treatment Dentist in Arvada, Denver, CO

Dr. Niemi does a thorough analysis of your jaw joint to determine how to best relieve your TMJ symptoms.

Suffering from TMJ disorder?

Symptoms of TMJ

TMJ Diagnosis

Treating your TMJ Disorder

The temporomandibular joint can develop a disorder that affects the jaw muscles and nerves on one or both sides of the jaw, which can result in jaw, head, neck or facial pain. This pain can be mild to severe and be intermittent or constant. 

The most common cause of TMJ is due to a bite problem, although teeth grinding or a jaw injury may also be causes. Dr. Tom Niemi from New Era Dental will provide a complete oral examination to determine the cause of your symptoms and develop a treatment plan that will help correct and eliminate the pain you are suffering from.

Dr. Niemi takes your concerns seriously and will use his 30 years of experience to help you remedy the jaw misalignment with a thorough evaluation and treatment that will bring you relief from your condition.

Symptoms of TMJ

TMJ/TMD Treatment Dentist in Arvada, Denver, CO

Dr. Niemi takes panoramic x-rays of your jaw and mouth.

Some common symptoms of TMJ generally involve jaw pain, severe headaches, neck, back and shoulder pain and even earaches.  Your jaw may experience a popping or clicking sound or lock up on you periodically.  A person with an uneven bite may be subjected to TMJ, or someone with overly crowded or loose teeth.  You may also experience ringing in the ears, dizziness, clenching and grinding of the teeth and even numbness or tingling in the extremities.





Treating your TMJ disorder

TMJ Treatment Dentist in Arvada, Denver, CO

After analyzing your bite and jaw joint, Dr. Niemi works out a treatment plan that will alleviate your TMJ symptoms.


In order to diagnose your specific condition, Dr. Niemi will take a complete set of x-rays using panoramic digital x-ray technology.  He will be able to fully evaluate your mouth structure to determine where the problem may be arising from. Based on his findings, he will review the information with you and recommend a treatment plan that will help you become pain-free and improve your bite.

To get a treatment plan that will help you eliminate TMJ, call our office today at 720-549-9525 or click here to schedule online.



TMJ treatment with Dr. Niemi

TMJ Treatment Dentist in Arvada, Denver, CO

Special exercises that Dr. Niemi will teach you can relieve mild TMJ disorder symptoms.

Dr. Niemi takes a 3-pronged approach to treating your TMJ.  He will begin with the simplest, which is to instruct you on isometric exercises designed to strengthen specific muscles in the body. 

With mild cases of TMJ, this may be all that is necessary to relieve the condition. Exercises can be done that involve the jaw and mouth in order to relax and loosen the muscles. They will also help increase the vascular flow in the mouth and relieve inflammation.

Another treatment involves an oral night guard made of acrylic that will protect the teeth from clenching or grinding, if this appears to be the cause of your condition. It will alleviate the pressure from the jaw joints that can lead to pain. It also opens up the bite to help the muscles relax and eliminate tension.

When TMJ is caused due to serious bite issues, orthodontics may be warranted. By evaluating the alignment of your jaw, Dr. Niemi can suggest corrective treatment such as Fastbraces® to help correct the bite and ultimately realign the jaw, so that the painful clicking, popping and other symptoms are relieved.

To get a treatment plan that will help you eliminate TMJ, call our office today at 720-549-9525 or click here to schedule online.