Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Treatment in Arvada, Colorado - Tom Niemi, DDS

Pain-free treatment for infected teeth

Root Canal Treatment in Arvada, Colorado - Tom Niemi, DDS

Are you suffering from a painful toothache? If you are having symptoms that include any of the following, contact us right away:

  • Moderate to severe lingering toothache - which may be throbbing - when eating hot or cold foods

  • Toothache pain so intense it wakes you up at night

  • Pain when chewing or biting

  • Swelling on your gum which when pressed may release blood or pus due to infection

  • Pain that starts in one tooth and spreads to other regions of the jaw or head

You can call our readily accessible office at New Era Dental for friendly and knowledgeable treatment for your dental problem. Dr. Tom Niemi and his staff have performed numerous root canals and use the latest technology to treat your teeth as painlessly as possible.

When is a root canal necessary?

Dr. Niemi will perform an examination that includes digital x-rays to ensure an accurate diagnosis of the condition of your teeth and whether a root canal is indicated. A root canal may be necessary when a cavity, crack, or an injury to a tooth allows bacteria to enter the sensitive inner parts of the tooth called the dentin and pulp. If this area gets infected, immediate attention is needed.

Using state-of-the-art technology, your tooth can often be saved and you can continue to have the use of your tooth’s natural structure without further pain or discomfort.

Dr. Niemi’s root canal procedure

After ensuring that you are comfortable and that your procedure will be pain-free, Dr. Niemi will drill a small hole through the top of the tooth to reach the inner part of the tooth where the infection lies. He then uses the Tulsa System motorized rotary instruments that quickly and efficiently remove diseased tissue.

Along with irrigating the canal, Dr. Niemi uses a soft-tissue laser to fully disinfect its inside. The root canal is then cleaned, filled and sealed. The tooth may require a crown for a permanent seal, depending on the seriousness of the infection and decay involved.

Often, Dr. Niemi can complete the entire process in one visit. The result will be little or no discomfort, with a restored tooth that will last for years to come.

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